Distillation - Where the magic happens

Where the Magic Happens

Master Distiller Germán slow cooks the agaves for over 20 hours to achieve the greatest conversion of sugars possible without losing the flavors of the soil, where the agaves grew for at least 8 years.

Three Barrels

Aged for five years in three types of barrels, including scotch, brandy, and Sherry oak barrels, Tears of Llorona is then masterfully blended by Germán, delivering a layered tasting experience with a complexity of flavors. Germán then bottles at 43% specific gravity to balance the flavors. This slow, hand-crafted process results in a very high rate of osmotic loss, known as the “angels’ tears”; another reason for the name, Tears of Llorona.

  • Scotch
  • Sherry
  • Brandy Oak

Small Batch

While many aged spirits are discerned by the year in which they were released, each small batch, or lote, of Tears adorns a unique icon on the bottle’s neck label—one which often tells a story about the product or the maker.